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Enactus World Cup 2016!

A project by: Enactus Nottingham


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This project received pledges on Mon 26 Sep 2016
Creating Business, Transforming Lives.

Social Enterprise for Global Impact.

(Specific information on the projects we are running can be found our the "Aquor & Re-Covered" heading.)

Enactus Nottingham is a student-led organisation of 150+ members with the simple goal of creating businesses that transform lives through entrepreneurial action.

Students of the University of Nottingham that join the Enactus Nottingham team become part of a bigger story. Enactus Nottingham is one of the 55 university teams in the UK, and the UK is one of the 36 countries involved in the Enactus Worldwide program.

Every year Enactus UK holds a National Competition to determine the team with the greatest social impact with the winner of the competition representing the UK in the World Cup competition. I'm pleased to say that this year, the Enactus team from The University of Nottingham won the UK competition!

So this September, Enactus Nottingham will be representing the UK in Toronto, Canada by showcasing our 2 flagship enterprises: Aquor, based in Cameroon, and Re-Covered, locally based in Nottingham (more info below).

Last year our peers over at the University of Southampton were placed 1st in the entire world, so we have some big shoes to fill!

Overall we will need £15,000 to help fund the cost of sending the team to Toronto, including further support for the team whilst out there. This crowdfunding page is one of the many ways we are aiming to raise money for this trip and we hope you will feel encouraged by the work we are doing and the people we are helping around the world to show your support to help us reach our goal.

The opportunity to travel to Toronto is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our members to present the fantastic work they have put into these impactful projects over the year. The experience of participating in the competition will provide members of the team with valuable presenting, networking, business and entrepreneurial skills that will help them stand out in a very competitive job market.

Wish us luck and help our dedicated members share their passionate, social work with the rest of the world!

What is the Enactus World Cup?

The World Cup is an event held every year by Enactus Worldwide. Teams representing the 36 countries within the Enactus Worldwide program showcase the businesses and social impacts they have had throughout the year.

The Team.

The 150+ dedicated members at Enactus Nottingham have worked tirelessly throughout the year on our portfolio of 19 businesses. Our members are driven, passionate and creative. In short, Enactus Nottingham builds entrepreneurs!

We create social enterprises that address a particular need in the world. We focus on the creation, development and expansion of sustainable and scalable businesses that have a positive impact on communities around the world - even after we have handed off the businesses to continue independently, sometimes by our own graduating members!

Aquor & Re-Covered.

Aquor is a business that uses bio-sand filtration processes to provide clean water to communities in rural Cameroon. Working alongside the engineers at the University of Nottingham, the team have developed a bio-sand filter. By installing these filters in institutions such as school, hospitals, universities and prisons for an annual fee, we can provide clean water to thousands of people - free at source.

The Aquor team have travelled to Cameroon 5 times since the projects inception and recently have began working alongside the Cameroon government in order to implement our technology into broken community systems where 57% of individuals previously suffered from water-borne illnesses each year. Not anymore!

To date, Aquor has given clean water access to over 20,000 individuals in Cameroon. And we have only just begun...

Re-Covered is a business based in Nottingham aiming to provide affordable furniture to vulnerable social housing tenants whilst also reducing CO2 emissions through the upcycling and refurbishment of waste furniture. All this alongside providing employment and volunteering opportunities to the unemployed population of Nottingham!

Re-Covered works out of our own warehouse, using our very own van to collect and deliver furniture across the Nottingham area.

Re-Covered has sold over 400 items, diverted over 580 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere, saved social housing tenants over £20,000 and saved the council an estimated £40,000! There's nowhere to go but up!

Both Aquor and Re-Covered were initially supported by donations from alumni and friends of The University of Nottingham through a Cascade Grant.