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A Step in the Race to End Food Waste

What is foodprint?

Foodprint is a social enterprise that aims to tackle both food waste and food poverty. We will collect food that would otherwise be thrown away and redistribute it to those in need.

Enactus nottingham

Foodprint is an Enactus project based at the University of Nottingham. Enactus Nottingham is a student-led non-profit social enterprise incubator (, using the power of business to drive sustainable change that transforms people’s lives. Foodprint is one of the local social enterprises and has been set up to tackle the issues of food wastage and food poverty in Nottingham, helping the local community while doing so.

our story

Foodprint began in April 2016 when a group of students recognised how big a problem food waste and food poverty was in Nottingham. It is alarming to read that a total of 15.9% of people aged 0-19 in Nottinghamshire are living in poverty, this amounts to 26,065 children and teenagers . It is even more upsetting to hear that approximately 10 million tons of food is wasted in the UK, 60% of which could have been avoided. Clearly there is a big problem and Foodprint want to tackle this issue.

Since starting the team has grown - we now have 12 members running the project and the council have provided us with a warehouse in Sneinton. We hope to continue expanding by getting people involved in the running of the social supermarket. This is all very exciting but there is still a long way to go. We still need a great deal of infrastructure before we can begin to make a difference, this includes things like a chilled van, shelves to store the food, baskets for the shoppers to use and an efficient stock rotation system. By supporting us you will become part of the race to end waste, so go on come join us!

Where will the money go?

Once fully functioning, we will have a sustainable revenue stream to support the enterprise’s activities. However in order to reach that, we need to meet various start-up costs, such as:
  • purchasing a van (£4000)
  • petrol to transport the food (£50/w)
  • merchandise & customer outreach (£500)
  • marketing campaigns such as breakfast clubs and food festivals (£500)
  • employees, through a subsidised council scheme, who otherwise may struggle to find work (£50/w each)
  • food from wholesalers to ensure reliable stock (£400/w)
  • Rent and overheads for the warehouse (£200/w)

With your help, we can raise the money we need to make this project a success. ensuring that Foodprint can begin making a difference towards food poverty and food waste :)

Find us here

Help us succeed!

You don't need to give money to help us succeed, become a supporter ! Please take a second to click on the supporters tab, there is a thumbs up icon that says 'become a helper.' By selecting this and sharing the unique web address at the top of the supporters tab (on facebook, twitter, via email etc.) we can see exactly how many much funding we have received and how many people have clicked on our page thanks to you! Your support won't go unnoticed :) we can also then give you updates on how the project if going if you're interested. The supporter that reaches out to the most people will receive a food & drink care package! Keep your eye on our social media page for more info.

1 month, 3 weeks ago

To All Project Supporters!

Sorry I've been quite inactive, exams are over now though so Foodprint is the focus :)

First of all seriously so grateful for all the support we've gotten for the project! Since launching we have had two articles written on us (by Nottingham Post and The Grocor if you want to have a look), have been on air with Gem 106 and BBC Notts radio and had our project shared all over facebook and twitter!

Three weeks in and we have managed to raise £7,143 for the project!!! Can't believe how generous people have been! If we do reach the £11,000 target by the time we launch we will be able to to hit the ground running and sustain the business until it can sustain itself.

The hype has unfortunately died down a bit over the past week or so but if you guys would be willing to quickly share it on your facebook wall if you haven't, post it on random pages, message your friends & family, tweet it, email it around, show it to your housemates/ colleagues, use it as an ice breaker, literally anything I'm sure we can get the ball rolling again!!

Seriously can't thank you guys enough, especially those that have donated, your support is the engine powering the project, we wouldn't have gotten anywhere without you :) <3 X

Sam D

2 months, 1 week ago

Thank you so much to everyone that's donated and shared! We have had such a great response already :) If you haven't done already please check out our facebook page ( we've just announced a competition for all the supporters!

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Good luck

Good luck!

Good Luck Sam, what a fantastic project! Maggie x

With best wishes to you all from Joan (Sam's grandmother)

Good luck guys, this is a gr at idea and I hope it does really well

Sounds like a great idea, will anyone be able to shop there? Or just selected people and organisations? Good luck. (Your survey after people have donated wanted me to choose from the first 3 options and would not let me proceed if none applied - I am a graduate but from the other nottingham uni! But many people may not have any apply to them). Jo

Brilliant idea - good luck!

Good luck guys!

great idea!

Good luck - this is a fantastic project

A fantastic project that seeks to tackle food waste whilst making important an important and much needed social impact. Excellent work.