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LEGO Society Trent Building Model!

A project by: LEGO Society



from 20 donors

This project received pledges on Mon 21 Nov 2016
Help us fund and build a display model designed by LEGO Society for the Trent Building reception!

What is the LEGO Trent Building Project?

LEGO Society has been asked by the University to build a replica model of the iconic Trent Building out of LEGO! The model itself was designed in 2014/2015, and all the other details have been organised so that we can build this model and have it permanently displayed in the Trent Building reception room. While not to an exact scale, we've made it as close to the real thing as possible, even down to detailing in the courtyard and the Great Hall.

What is LEGO Society?

LEGO Society is pretty self-explanatory: we meet up and have LEGO building competitions, run trips to LEGOLAND Windsor, and have all sorts of fun LEGO-related events going on throughout the year. The current committee is Matt Kesseler (President), Rebecca Crone (Treasurer), and Thomas Jackson (Secretary), and we're the ones running this project at the moment. Many thanks to Nicholas Stanfield, Sam Morris, Philip Cobb, Andrew Harvey, and many others who were involved in the initial design.

Our story:

LEGO Soc started off back in 2013 when a group of friends thought it'd be fun to have a massive stockpile of LEGO and get people at the University involved in building projects. Since then, we have transformed into an official society, running regular events and getting involved with other societies for collaborative projects. We hope to continue expanding and thriving by getting people involved in more interesting and ambitious projects, one of which was the LEGO Trent Building. The University gave us the challenge of completing the project, and we thought we'd go for it.

As cool as huge LEGO models are, the Trent Building Project also has a lot of extra value. It can act as a symbol showing how the Student's Union allows societies to start from nothing and achieve their dreams whatever they are. It can also showcase this empowerment of societies to prospective students and other members of the public, and it could very well put Nottingham on the map as a place-to-go for LEGO-enthusiasts!

How will your funding help us?

If we reach our minimum target of £600, then we will be able to supplement this amount with our core funding for the year, as well as £300 of previous donations, to purchase all of the LEGO for the construction of the model. Originally this amount was higher as we also wanted to fund a bespoke display cabinet made by the Engineering Department, but this has now been covered in advance! If we reach our target of £1000, then we won't have to spend our core funding for the year and we'll be able to spend this on more LEGO Soc events in the future, such as inter-society events, trips to LEGOLAND, and potentially school events. Any money raised beyond this value will be saved for future projects like this, as the Student's Union has also shown some interest in a LEGO Portland Building! We may also use this extra money to get official LEGO Society merchandise into production depending on demand, and depending on whether we have any other big projects running. We may also donate this money to LEGO related UK-based charities in the future depending on the circumstances.

We expect the main cost for this project to just be the ordering cost of the LEGO including transport and delivery, but rewards will also cost a small amount to produce, bringing the total expected cost to around £750 at the breakeven point.

Once the money has been raised, a public build day will be scheduled where donors can come along and help us build the model! We have computer-generated instructions for the model, which splits into several parts that can be built simultaneously, so despite containing almost 7000 pieces, building it in a single afternoon should be possible! Information about the project will be posted regularly on our social media channels.

What rewards are available?

As thanks for your contributions to the project, we have a number of LEGO-related rewards for whatever amount you give! The main rewards will be custom minifigures that you can either add to the model or take home with you; check out the rewards page for more details.

    Here's some more pictures:

    We've been working on the LEGO Trent Building project for a while, so here's some pictures of the real Trent Building so you can compare the two!

    Get in touch!

    Check out our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/nottslegosociety/ to get regular updates on socials, events, and other projects, as well as LEGO news in general. If you're interested in signing up to LEGO Society, have a look at our Student's Union Page at https://www.su.nottingham.ac.uk/societies/society/Lego1/. We also have a YouTube channel that we are hoping to revamp soon at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6cyt2PGxEtJNln9POaM-oA/.

    Get involved!

    While we would obviously appreciate your generous donations, you don't have to give us money to help us succeed. Sharing this project with other people, through social networks, emails, or just general conversation would greatly help our society in attracting more publicity and developing the hype we need to get the LEGO Trent Building Project off the ground. Click the "Follow" button to receive notifications about the project as we post Updates, or click the "Become a Helper" button to spread the word of our project and track the amount of publicity you generate!

    Thanks for reading this far; we hope that you're feeling as enthusiastic about this project as we are!