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Project Liter of Light

A project by: Nigerian Students Society

pledged of £3,000 target
Congrats! This project has reached its minimum needed of £1,000 and is going for its target of £3,000!
Light up communities with sustainable lamps


We aim to raise £3000 to make solar powered lights out of cheap materials to provide sustainable and affordable lighting solutions to an impoverished community in Lagos, Nigeria.

Who are we?

We are The Nigerian Students Society, a group passionate about making a positive difference to the world through the gift of LIGHT. To many, light is a convenience often taken for granted in this modern age but there are still global communities that are in the dark. We believe that these communities should not be forgotten and we have teamed up with an innovative organisation called ‘Liter of Light’ to fulfil our mission.

‘Liter of Light’ (Liter being the American spelling of Litre) is a global open source movement founded by Illac Diaz in 2011 aiming to provide ecologically sustainable lighting for simple structured buildings. The easily constructed device consists of a 1-2L bottle fashioned into a solar bulb and filled with water delivering as much light as a 40 – 60 watt incandescent bulb.

Liter of Light has installed over than 350,000 bottle lights in more than 15 countries and taught marginalized communities how to use recycled plastic bottles and locally sourced materials to illuminate their homes, businesses and streets.

The project

The ‘Liter of light’ movement has made an impact on nearly every global continent and our main project aim is to take ‘Liter of light’ to LAGOS, NIGERIA. We have assembled a team based both in the U.K. and Nigeria to successfully run this project. The ultimate outcome will involve a trip for our team plus recruited volunteers to Makoko in Lagos. Makoko is a renowned impoverished area of Lagos where energy poverty is prevalent.

Our project uniquely emphasises acquiring the key component of the device from recyclable water bottles; as waste management is currently a huge issue in the city.

We also plan to hold ‘Liter of light’ workshops where we will teach local residents how to produce and install the solar bottle lights. This provides an opportunity for them to earn a living. From this approach, not only will we see homes illuminated during our trip; but it will also open up this skill as a resource to provide light to many beyond our stay.

The impact of your donations will provide sustainable lighting to communities with little or no electricity; a reality that is often only dreamed of.

Where will the money go?

The money will go towards:

Material needed to assemble 400 solar-powered Lights:

350 6v Solar panels @ £8 each = £2400

50 20v Solar Panels @ £30 each = £1500

350 3v batteries @ £5 each = £2000

50 12v Batteries @ 30 each = £1500

Other materials needed = £1500

Cost for paying 28 local electricians and 28 local carpenters (for installation) @ £30 each= £1680

Every £14 donated means we can buy the materials needed to make one 'Liter of Light' solar light.


We are happy to receive donations of any amount you can spare towards this great cause. All donors will be included in our weekly shoutout on our Facebook page in the duration of our campaign.

- £10 - An email from the team thanking you for your donation

-£25 - You will be included in our weekly shoutout on our Facebook page in the duration of our campaign.

-£50 - Chance to opt in to our mailing list to receive exclusive project updates and pictures.

If you are able to sponsor £100 or more we will be giving out more substantial rewards.

-£100 - A Liter of Light T-shirt- valued at £9.99

(4 to claim)

-£200 - A 'Liter of Light' T shirt and solar light unit- valued at £9.99 & £14.00

(1 to claim)

There is also an option for sponsorship offline if this option is preferable please contact literlight.nigeria@gmail.com.

If you are from a company that would like to support our project, sponsoring our campaign can offer new opportunities for brand awareness and promotion through supporting sustainability. Please contact literlight.nigeria@gmail.com for more information on our sponsorship marketing packages.

Help us succeed

Donors to the University of Nottingham's Cascade Grants programme have agreed to fund a large part of this project on the condition that we raise a minimum of £1000. This means that every pound donated up to £7,300 will be doubled!

If we can raise above the minimum target of £1000, this would mean that the project would be scaled up accordingly. Thus, more solar panels will be purchased and installed, and more areas of the community would benefit. However, if we are unable to raise our minimum target of £1000, this would sadly mean that our project would have to be scaled down.

Please sponsor our project now and help to light up the community of Makoko! It would also be a great help if you could share this campaign with your networks via social media using the buttons on this page.

Find us here

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/LiterofLightNigeria

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/lol_nigeria

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/literoflightnigeria/

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSpuhJhsNUShS2_2tEC2_aQ

EMAIL: literlight.nigeria@gmail.com

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The first £7300 donated to this project will be matched by Cascade

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