MFest 2017

A project by: Yi Ying Chua

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Completion Date: Sat 01 Apr 2017
Culture. Food. Love: Malaysia

MFest 2017

We're raising funds for our upcoming annual event, the MFest 2017. The aim of our event is to spread the love for Malaysia and introduce Malaysia to people from around the world. We've prepared interesting games, performances and exhibitions to showcase the wonders of Malaysia.

Nottingham Malaysian society

We're a well established organisation of students that mainly consist of Malaysians that are pursuing their further studies in Nottingham. We've strived to not only provide our members with a sense of community and home, but also to expose the general public to the wonderful colours of Malaysia.


As a multicultural country, with over 50 ethnic groups, Malaysia is a country unlike any other. With our unique blend of cultures, race, and religion, our diversity has created colourful traditions.

Ask any Malaysian, what sets us apart from every country. They will reply, ‘ Culture ’.

Ask any Malaysian, what best describes Malaysia. They will reply ‘ Food ’.

More importantly, however, is what brings us together: ‘ Love’ .

This year in 2017, our theme of Culture. Food. Love , aims to allow everyone to embrace the warmth, discover the diversity, and experience the tradition of Malaysia from over 6500 miles away.

Culture. Food. Love

Budaya. Jamuan. Sayang


Where will the money go?

  • Logistics                                           £4000
  • Events & Performances                    £1000
  • Safety & Security                              £1000
  • Publicity                                            £300
  • We provide sponsorship packages for any sponsorship of £200 and above.
  • Any extra funds will be adde d to the society's account for future events.

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Nottingham Malaysian Festival - MFest Official Facebook page

Nottingham Malaysian Society Official Website

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Help us succeed!

  • Any non-monetary help is welcomed! Sharing our event with your family and friends is of a great help to us! Please use the social media buttons above and sign up to be a helper on the Network tab.
  • The more people who know about us, the likelier we're to succeed and the livelier our event will be!
  • And we know we said you don't need to give money to help us, but we'd deeply appreciate it if you did! Please sponsor us and help make this happen.
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