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Help us fund materials to build a school in Lephepane, South Africa.

Project myemyela :)

For four weeks at Easter 2017, a group of 39 year two undergraduate architecture students and 6-8 academic and technical staff from the University of Nottingham: Department of Architecture & Built Environment will construct a new pre-school facility at the Rethuseng Créche in Lephepane Village, Limpopo. South Africa.

our story...

As a community of architecture students, we feel very strongly about using the skills we are learning to improve the world we share. Our passion for this has drawn us to the village of Lephepane, a rural village of the Limpopo region of South Africa. This is one of the poorest, least developed parts of the country with high levels of unemployment. The children in the community currently hold their lessons in a single concrete room, with no water supply and very basic toilet provisions

With your help, Project Myemyela aims to drastically improve their current facilities. We want to provide a bright, clean and safe environment for the children to learn in with new classrooms, kitchen facilities, improved toilets and a reliable water supply that we hope will be shared with the whole community.

Over the last 4 months we have been designing these facilities and with your help and support we will travel to Lephepane to build it ourselves! We cant wait to build this for the community we've been designing for and meet the children whose lives you can help impact.

Where will the money go?

  • By donating, you will help buy materials, equipment and in some cases employ local skilled labour.
  • Students are paying for flights and accommodation separately.
  • We pride ourselves on expending over 90% of the funds raised for construction within 50km of the site, supporting the local community by buying materials.
  • Companies! If you would like to talk to us about sponsoring the project, please do get in touch

As an example here are some of our costs:

  • £200 will pay for a new hygienic toilet
  • £250 washing station
  • £300 solar water heater
  • £400 site tent
  • £500 for a water pump
  • £500 electric supply
  • £1000 for a borehole
  • £1500 shipping container
  • £2000 for timber
  • £2000 for blocks
  • £3000 vehicle hire
  • £5000 for steel
  • £5000 contractors
  • £9000 will pay for concrete slab


  • £25 - Handmade 'Sponsor a Brick' Lego Key ring
  • £50 - 12" x 16.5" Print of the finished school
  • £100 - Framed photo of finished school
  • £1000 - Plaque with your name on the finished school

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